The Peoples Bank

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The Peoples Bank

The power and corruption of an international bank conglomerate are driving us into a forced debt system. Banks commonly use your money to increase their capital, offshore banks give them 9% of interest on average to store their money with them, meanwhile, you’re lucky to get more than 0.2% of interest for the money you store, additionally in most (if not all) cases you have to pay a monthly fee just to keep an account open and spend your own money. Banks, put simply, steal our money and use it for their own gain while we are getting next to nothing. a top priority, Owning our own bank will set us free financially by allowing us to invest in ourselves and our future instead of people building our prison.

We aren’t in this to get rich, we are launching these initiatives to fund the infrastructure and to fund ourselves. We wouldn’t charge you to use your own money, we would give out loans at a very low-zero % interest rate and give back, this is a bank bought by the people for the people. All of our Initiatives use the same formula, they are private companies, and profits are split like so:

  • 51% goes back into the company.
  • 30% goes toward funding the infrastructure
  • 14.5% to the community.

This Initiative will be launched once we have the number of people and financial capability to move forward. Banks are expensive for a small number of people, I can’t buy a bank for 3M but 300 people can pitch in 10k, for 3000 people it’s only a thousand dollars, for 30 thousand it’s only 100 dollars each. how much is your financial freedom worth to you? and how many people do you know and how many do they know that would invest into their future?