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The Great Unplugging

Our mission put simply, is to put an end to corruption. We are living in a society run by the rich and we plan on using their own tools against them in order to provide an alternative infrastructure giving people the freedom to choose who they give their money to giving them a choice in their futures, no longer will we be ruled over by a few people who see us as vermin.

Currently, the Capitalists system we have in place was intentionally broken to perpetually create problems that in turn need solutions and create further problems and the cycle continues. Capitalism isn’t the problem, its just a tool that is being used by the wealthy to create more wealth which equals more control, good news is, we can also use this tool. The way it currently functions for them is that they create loopholes in their companies and through paying the politicians indirectly to pass laws the benefit them, that can be used for exploiting the system and exploiting us.

The Great Unplugging is what we are calling the process of bringing forth many individual initiatives that will each address a specific problem, and once they come together will form a wholly separate infrastructure giving people the right to choose where they spend their money and by extension fund and support a future they agree with and have a say in rather than just giving their money to people who just want to rule over them. we want to close off the loopholes and create companies that have a specific constitution in place that can never be changed, the company could be bought out and shut down but we would then use the money to open more companies.

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