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The Global Difference Group

The Global Difference Group was established in January 2021 by common people, like yourselves, who were tired of discerning the dilemmas in the world while anticipating a solution. The current societal system is corrupt, while the Elite benefit and use infrastructure to control us. Their agenda has been meticulously devised over centuries, and by capitalizing on crisis, they've disguised their tools to accelerate the march to their end goal.

Solution Based

We bring forth a solution! It will require a global response in a global effort to bring about a global change.

Freedom at Core

We believe in freedom, the right to choose, jobs for everyone for people of every nation, all across this world.


Your right to self-determination; we are simply sharing an idea that you can decide to participate in or not.

What we have achieved so far

The solution we bring is the "The Great Unplugging." A series of initiatives that as a whole will create a separate infrastructure to enrich humanity rather than enslave.

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Active Initiatives

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The GLOBAL DIFFERENCE GROUP is a new take on an old-world solution. This is not a sacrifice or removal of the modern staples in our lives but the companies that rely on us. We built these modern-day empires through our voluntary participation, our monetary contributions, and now these merchants are the "great men on earth" that deceived all the nations. Instead, we can build the future into a direction that truly promotes a positive advancement for people and not just a few.


A Social Media Platform where we can connect without the fear of censorship, a place you can make your own.


A Professional Broadcasting Studio by the people for the people accessible through SohShul


Our own Cryptocurrency

The Peoples Bank

The Bank by the people for the people


Ceo & Founder

They havent won…yet! They can be stopped, but itll take effort and action. And itll take people…from all over…to stand together. To pitch efforts, skills, knowledge, experience, spending power and influence, and a lot of creative direction…all the things of mankind, all through history…


Web Designer

I thought about bugging out, protesting, signing petitions.. But those aren’t solutions when you’re dealing with an entity that is after total global control and already controls most aspects of our lives.


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The Great Unplugging

We are a group of citizens who share a concern over the direction our societies, governments, and economic securities is taking. As such, we've come together to create a series of solutions based initiatives to counter the negative direction we all see is happening. We are NOT a group that bias and/or partisan based in our direction, and are not intended as a debate or discussion group as a primary goal. And although we welcome and encourage discussion participation, we do so from a factual, tangible stance. So long as the conversation is focused on the topics at hand, everyone will benefit and grow in the right direction. Please bare that in mind when interacting with others.