Why SohShul? Why now?

Some people ask why…wonder why build a new “facebook” or any new “social media” platform… well the answer is both easy and complicated at the same time… Sure, we all know about the “censorship” issues and/or deplatforming that constantly happens on the current big tech platforms… we hear about the data thefts and AI intrusions through targeted marketing… the over zealous and very biased “fact checking” …the list goes on and on and on, and those reasons alone should be MORE than enough to desire an equally easy to use, feature rich, people minded social media platform.

Beyond that, there are equally as many reasons, and more specifically, more “IMPORTANT” reasons. We are entering into a very important global change. One unlike any other time in history before. Not different in the way that its never been attempted, but different in its physical manifestation and implementation ONTO the world. 

The constant de-education, the social engineering, the consistent misinformation and manipulations of the media, entertainment, education, and yes…even the governmental representation has turned the masses into apathetic masses. People more concerned with the latest viral “tik tok”, or worse yet…turn away into “self isolation”…a self isolation BEFORE it was the “new norm”. Completely ignoring everything going on around them of importance until AFTER the fact…only to react with anger and vitriol against the results of what could have, should have been stopped long ago. Before it became an issue worth talking about. Before it became a problem.

Well… now its a problem…a global problem…with global reach…with global consequences…and it isnt going away anytime soon. And to solve it will require a global response…a global effort…to bring about a global change…in a positive and healthy direction that encourages freedom for people of every nation…all across this world. And we have only so much time to do it in, so we better get cracking. Should we NOT step up to the plate, if we REFUSE to turn all the angry words and feelings into meaningful discussions, and leading those discussions into actionable, tangible change…well…we will be left at the mercy of those who have worked tirelessly to capitalize off our efforts, labors, and lives…all for their personal profit. We are entering a time where they openly admit that we are “useless eaters” (their term) who need to be culled and controlled. And they have been working diligently toward just that, at an exponential speed as of late. And theyre massively gaining ground.

They havent won…yet! They can be stopped, but itll take effort and action. And itll take people…from all over…to stand together. To pitch efforts, skills, knowledge, experience, spending power and influence, and a lot of creative direction…all the things of mankind, all through history…

Enter the GLOBAL DIFFERENCE GROUP… a group of concerned people…like you…like me…normal everyday people who recognize the root core problems. People tired of being used as pawns for others…treated like products to be bought and sold by big tech and other multi-national conglomerates at will. Not people of the left…nor people of the right…not black..not white…not gay, straight, or otherwise…just people that got beyond the “left/right paradigm” who identify as humans…not labels used to ferment a divide among the populace…human beings who want to see humanity catch up to the technological advancements now dominating our earth. People who believe in people. People who believe in the very right, the very essense of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!”

Through the GLOBAL DIFFERENCE GROUP is a new take on an old world solution. Its dubbed and coined by a new phrase. We call it embracing #TheGreatUnplugging …(more to come on this in the future)…to simplify what this means, is not to sacrifice and remove these modern staples of our life, just the companies that rely on us… We BUILT these companies… we built the facebook/amazon/google/microsoft/netflix empires…through our VOLUNTARY participation…with OUR monetary contributions…they may have brought them to us…but all big tech was once small ideas…built by people…US…being the driving force behind their success, profit…and from that, their power and control. And…we can do it again…ourselves…for us and our benefits…learning from the mistakes of the current, to build the future into a direction that truly promotes a positive advancement for people…and not just “the few”. 

Its BECAUSE of things like this, that SohShul is in existence…its BECAUSE of the examples given (and more) that a new social media platform must be so…and it is the EPITOME and PERFECT example of just what #TheGreatUnplugging is and how it works. Of just how easy it is to “unplug” from the corrupted systems we deal with today. Most importantly, it can be understood in an old phrase used when a people were facing huge problems and issues…when people were looking for solutions to those issues and problems…when a small group came together to bring forth a positive and peaceful solution…and the saying is as true today as it was when it was first declared… “IF NOT US, THEN WHOM? IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?” 

Well…the time is now…and the who, is us…its you…its me…its all who are within our voices. What are YOU prepared to do to bring about positive changes?

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