Want change? Participate.

I was Introduced to the Global Difference Group about 6 weeks ago, I had been researching like mad, learning about the problems plaguing us but i reached a point where I knew what the problem was and was ready to participate in solutions.

To my surprise, every person proclaiming themselves “woke” only talked about the problems but didn’t have any solutions, I certainly didn’t.

I thought about bugging out, protesting, signing petitions.. But those aren’t solutions when you’re dealing with an entity that is after total global control and already controls most aspects of our lives.

The global difference group had that solution I was so desperately searching for, I wanted to take action so without having any real skills I decided to learn how to build a website, so we could share the information in a better way.

That’s my story. How will you choose to participate? How much are you willing to give in order to be free.

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